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Free URL Redirection - Offers free subdomains with no ads. Free instant listing in The First Adaptive Directory. Sites from well-known free hostings and redirected ones are also welcome

ShortURL - In exchange for a 88x31 button link back to them on your pages, ShortURL will provide your site with a subdomain name like *, where * can be anything you want ("www", "anything", etc, or even just It includes URL masking, traffic statistics, referral reports, path forwarding, frame killers, meta tag support and mirror management. Other domain names that you can choose from include,,,, etc.

NeatURL Free URL Redirection and Email Forwarding - You get about 60 different domain names to choose from, such as "" or "",,, etc. You also get email forwarding for "[email protected]" if you chose the URL Both the subdomain form ( and the subdirectory forms work. This web redirection service also supports path forwarding. - DotTK provides you with a domain name of the form which you can redirect to point to your existing URL. They can also forward email messages sent to that domain to your existing email address. You must have an existing website before you can apply, and you must receive a minimum of 25 visitors every 90 days. - provides you with a subdomain name You can use that domain name with any web host that allows you domain name hosting (such as commercial web hosts, or use it for your own machine (they provide the DNS), or, if you are hosted on a free web host, you can use their web forwarding services. - UNONIC provides web forwarding for subdomain names of the form *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, and * The forwarded subdomain names are cloaked and have path forwarding. You also get access the web statistics for your subdomain, and all email messages sent to any address at your subdomain is forwarded to you. - Register a free subdomain of free domain name! No ads, plus free URL redirection (free URL forwarding), free URL cloaking & masking, path forwarding, META TAG & keywords support. Get your short free url today! - Free url redirection service. - Get your own FREE URL redirection - Redirect your LONG URL (long homepage address) to a SHORT URL (short homepage address). Sign up today for a ZWAP.TO address - FREE and easy to remember! - Free URL redirection / forwarding and webbased email. hundreds of easy-to-remember domains to chose from. URL cloaking and support of META KEYWORD and DESCRIPTION - Free URL Redirection. - The only free URL redirection and web forwarding service that offers free domain names, free advertising, free up-to-the-second usage statistics, and much more. - Free URL Redirection - Free URL redirection service, offers free domains like, and much more! 100% free, no forced ads. - Offers free URL redirection with no ads in the form of or Free URL Redirection - Need a free URL redirection or free subdomain for your long and hard-to-remember URL? Now with Y11.NET you can have for free. - Free URL Redirection - Free Web Hosting.

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